Hybrid Windows

The Hybrid Heritage style window combines the natural, beautiful feel of wood with the durability of vinyl.
The Canadian pine gives you a more traditional look on the inside of your home. This wood installation will never rot, peel, or fade because it is not affected by the UV light, cold or condensation.


Main Features

-Beautiful wood detailing

-Durable vinyl material

-Safe from UV, cold, and condensation



PVC(short for polyvinyl chloride) is a plastic commonly used in construction. Plasticizers make it more flexible so it can be used to form pipes. It’s also used as an insulator for electrical cables. There are some concerns about toxins and radiation, and three of the chemicals used in PVC have been banned by the EU.


uPVC is polyvinyl chloride without the plasticizers. It remains highly durable and stays rigid instead of flexing, making it a common wood replacement. It’s also fire resistant and recyclable. It also lacks any serious toxins or radiation—the chemicals used to transform it into PVC are what create the toxins.


Why We Choose uPVC for Our Windows

At Canadian Art Windows and Doors, we are committed to providing you the highest quality windows at the best possible cost. We use uPVC for our window frames because it is weather resistant, it doesn’t warp the same way wood does, and its ability to be recycled makes it a sustainable option.

Canadian winters are world renowned for their intensity. Heavy snows and extreme cold can damage wooden window frames, causing them to warp or rot. Choose uPVC window frames from ART Windows and Doors and you’ll avoid expensive maintenance for years to come. Give us a call today at 780-938-4949 and we’ll schedule a time to come by and give you a free estimate on your window and door replacements.

Exterior Colour Options


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