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Triple Glass options available. All of these options come in 3mm glass.

1) 7/8 inch ( zone 1 )

2) 1 1/4 inch ( zone 2 )

3) 1 3/8 inch ( zone 3 )


Double Glass options available.

1) 4 mm commercial grade glass 1 inch thickness

2) 3 mm double glass 7/8 standard thickness


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Can double and triple pane windows help dampen sound problems?

It is VERY common for replacement window salespeople to tell folks that windows with triple pane glass will reduce noise in the home. In fact, switching from double pane to triple pane has a very small impact on sound. We go into more depth on this in our sound transmission post. The long and the short of it is if you’re buying triple pane windows to reduce noise you’re overspending.

Are triple pane windows heavy?

They are heavier, but it doesn’t even matter! A high quality replacement windows will have a balance mechanism to counterbalance the weight of the sash. Regardless of how heavy the glass is the window should slide up and down effortlessly. If your new windows are hard to open it’s either because the balance mechanism is not working correctly, the windows don’t fit in the opening just right or something else is impeding their motion. The weight of the glass or the sash shouldn’t have an impact.

Along these same lines, some folks think triple pane windows will have a higher failure rate because of the weight and the fact that they have 2 argon chambers. This stems either from the days of old or from a salesperson pushing an agenda. All nice new windows come with a complete warranty that protects you against any future problems.

How beneficial are triple pane energy efficient windows?

There is certainly an improvement in efficiency when comparing triple pane vs double pane windows. It’s important to compare the window ratings including u-factor, SHGC and visible transmission when comparing the options in order to understand the differences.

Triple pane windows will typically have u-factors that are about 20-30% better than a similar double pane window. That’s a pretty substantial improvement. They will also have better SHGC ratings as they tend to have two surfaces coated with a low-e coating. These coatings will leave you with a lower visible transmission rating meaning it will typically be darker in a home with triple pane windows.

Are these increases in efficiency worth the trade off of increased cost and decreased light? Only you can decide that, but with the cost difference likely being lower than you might expect more folks are picking triple pane options.

What is the cost of triple pane vs double pane windows?

In our experience, when the topic of triple pane glass comes up some homeowners immediately say “oh no, we don’t need that!” I find they tend to say that because they’ve received a quote for windows with triple pane glass before and the pricing was HIGH. This led them to believe that pricing for all triple pane windows will be high.

As with everything relating to prices of replacement windows there are many factors at play, but the cost difference doesn’t need to be too substantial. Perhaps $100 per window is a decent estimate. So if you can get a great vinyl replacement window installed for around $350 with double pane glass then switching to triple pane glass would put you in the $450 neighborhood. Sure, it’s more expensive, but it’s nowhere near the $800 per window that some companies try to charge.


Why do some companies try to charge double the price window for triple pane windows? 

The short answer is because people pay it sometimes. If nobody was buying they’d either change their ways or go out of business. Congrats to you for not taking the bait, but you can be sure there was someone behind you snapping it up.

These companies will likely tend to continue to struggle due to the fact that people are much more informed than they were years ago.

Remember, when deciding between triple pane vs double pane think about how long you’ll be in the home and whether energy savings over time are worth spending money upfront today.

What is an Insert Window Installation?

Insert windows install directly into the existing frame of the window being replaced, allowing you to get the latest window performance features while minimizing disruption to your home. Insert windows preserve the original frame, exterior trim, exterior siding and interior casing.

Insert window replacement may be an option for you if all of these criteria apply:

 1) There is no rot in the window frame

2) Your window frame is not out of square

3) You want to replace a worn window with a new window of the same size in the existing frame without disrupting trim

What are the basic steps for removing the old window?

1) Window stops are removed

2) Lower sash is removed

3) Upper sash is removed

Receive 30% off your next window or door installation.

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